Internet vs Digital Marketing. You thought they’re same?

Internet vs digital marketing.

Internet vs Digital Marketing. You thought they’re same?

Classifications are confusing, aren’t they?


There are digital marketing and internet marketing, there’s inbound & outbound marketing, there are social media and social networking – similar names, but are they different? And how do business owners, CEOs and marketing managers decide what’s right for their business?

We think it’s about time we update you on the difference between two extremely important subsets of marketing, internet, and digital marketing.


Digital Marketing by definition


Digital marketing is a broad term referring to the channels and platforms (both online and offline) used to distribute a marketing message.

Types of tactics within a digital marketing campaign could include SEO, email marketing, influencer marketing, mobile marketing (via text or media), PPC, video marketing, electronic billboards, affiliate marketing, in-app mobile advertisements and more.
Over time, it’s been said that digital marketing has replaced traditional marketing in the move from the print ad and billboard to search ad and landing page.


Internet Marketing by definition


Over the years, internet marketing – or online marketing – has been treated as a subset of digital marketing.Types of tactics within an internet marketing campaign would include a website, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and content marketing. Tactics are concerned with increasing the web presence of a brand.


What’s happening today? Where do you invest your money?


In the latest Digital Marketing Spending Report, 2016-17 by Gartner interestingly show that the majority of digital marketing budgets is spent on internet marketing components.


Here are findings:


  1. Marketing budgets represent 12% of total company revenues and this is expected to grow even further
  2. Digital marketing represents 14% of overall marketing spend
  3. 50% of digital marketing activities are outsourced
  4. Most important digital marketing activities are: website, digital commerce, and digital advertising
  5. Top digital marketing investments will be made in E-commerce, social media marketing, content creation and mobile marketing.





It is important to understand that Internet Marketing is a subset of digital marketing and not something different. When we talk about digital marketing, in essence, we mean Internet marketing plus SMS, WebTV, and digital advertising.

It is clear that companies are starting to appreciate the importance of social media as a marketing tool and there is also a clear turn to content and mobile marketing.


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